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    Join us and bring practical STEM education to all children in Ghana

  • Help provide a Reliable Car for PEN

    We have survived COVID… more than that, leveraging PEN online training made it possible to reach many more teachers! Because of support from you and others committed to STEM education, more than 6,000 teachers across Ghana and now Rwanda have been trained.

    Celebrating our students’ success! Every single one of the students at Novastar Academy, a low-cost private school in Kasoa near Accra, scored the highest available grade on their national science exam. The key to success? Each of their teachers have been trained by PEN.


  • With growth comes new challenges: We need a safe and reliable vehicle…

    Our 20-year-old Hyundai Accent served us faithfully—but in recent months it is costing us more in repair bills than the vehicle is worth. It’s costly and inefficient to rely on tro-tros (public vans) and Ubers.

  • A safe and reliable company vehicle will enable us to:

    1. Be more efficient with our financial and human resources.

    2. Safely convey facilitators and materials to the training grounds.

    3. Effectively conduct field visits to the schools, where we provide one-on-one coaching to teachers in between our training sessions.

    4. Conduct more in-person meetings with strategic partners.

    5. Travel to the remote areas of Ghana and spread the impact we’re achieving in Ghana to all 16 Regions.

  • Goal


    Purchase a mid-size SUV with 4-wheel drive to handle the rough, dirt roads in rural areas.


    Cost: $47,000.

  • Thank you for supporting PEN: training African teachers in hands-on STEM education changes the future for thousands of children.

    Your gift towards the new vehicle helps us move forward, expanding our reach.

  • Help provide a reliable generator for PEN

    We call it DUMSOR and it’s frustrating! Regular power outages can happen every week! Suddenly a Zoom teaching session is blacked out. Our team is stalled in basic research, course development and administration, stymied by uncertain power. We are forced to postpone meetings and end our studio recording sessions.


    STEM education changes the future for African kids. Teachers are excited to do hands-on science using methods taught be PEN – they are amazed at how it engages their students. More than 6,000 teachers in Ghana and Rwanda have been trained – and more and more regions are requesting training. You are a part of that growth and it’s transforming children’s lives!

  • A backup generator would help us:

    • Utilize working hours unabated

    • Attend all scheduled meetings, within our possible control

    • Offer our online teacher training without delays and instabilities

    • Record instructional videos in the PEN Studio without unnecessarily starting over

    • Ensure continuous availability of the PEN Resource Center for visiting students

    • Better ensure achieving stated timelines for our project deliverables

  • Goal

    60 kVA generator


    Cost: $18,000

  • Your gift makes it possible to spark the genius in a child.