• "Am so grateful and I can boldly say am now teaching science with confidence... In fact, my students have started calling me a champion! Madam, can you imagine? This is because my lessons are now practical than theoretical."

    Madame D., Kpone-Katamanso District, Greater Accra

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    An impact control trial carried out in 6 public schools in the Greater Accra Region provides evidence for the effect of PEN's practical teaching and learning approach.

    The PEN Difference: 97% greater increase in exam scores over one academic year. The PEN Difference: increase in attitudes towards science over one academic year.




  • Hands-on Science in Action

    students as atoms



    Hard and Soft water

    Radiation of Heat

    Volume of an irregular object


    We are pleased to present the following partnerships

    Ghana Education Service (GES)

    GES is a government agency under the Ministry of Education responsible for implementing government policies that ensure that Ghanaians of school-going age receive quality formal education.



    Ghana Association of Science Teachers

    The leading professional society for Ghanaian STEM educators

    Greater Accra, Ghana


    National Council for Curriculum and Assessment

    A statutory body committed to improving learning experiences and outcomes of all Ghanaian children thrrough the provision of a world class school curriculum and assessment.



    Accounting for International Development

    Support provider for a global range of non-profit organisations through volunteer accountants, who build financial management capacity.

    United Kingdom



    A hands-on science initiative by

    Peace Corps Volunteers



    Trust Law - Thomson Reuters Foundation

    Connects high impact NGO's working to create social change with the best law firms and corporate legal teams to provide them with free legal assistance.



    Reindorf Chambers

    Provider of high standard pro-bono legal expertise



    Exxon Mobil

    ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers, develops and applies next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products



    Someone Else's Child Foundation

    Someone Else’s Child is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that supports children’s causes throughout the U.S. and in Africa.

    United States


    Ashesi Education Collaborative

    Ashesi Education Collaborative Collaborates with other institutions to advance higher education in Africa




  • UN STI Forum Award

    The Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum is an annual stakeholder Forum that provides a venue for facilitating interaction, matchmaking and the establishment of networks between relevant stakeholders and multi-stakeholder partnerships in order to identify and examine technology needs and gaps, including with regard to scientific cooperation, innovation and capacity-building, and also in order to help facilitate development, transfer and dissemination of relevant technologies for the sustainable development goals." The STI Forum is initiated by the United Nations in collaboration with Global Innovation Exchange.


    The Forum creates a discussion and networking platform for all actors in the field of science, technology and innovation and is open to member States, UN organizations, civil society, academia, industry and private sector, as well as accredited individuals.


    Each year, the UN STI puts out a call for organisations from backgrounds that border on Science, Technology and Innovation to partake in the annual stakeholder forum.

    In June 2020, Practical Education Network was selected and verified as one of the winners who would participate in this year’s Forum. Successful applicants are also entitled to expert coaching on how to present their innovations on a global stage, an opportunity to showcase their expertise and innovations to a global audience, a networking opportunity that could potentially open up an avenue for support, as well as an opportunity to be included in public relations activities with the potential of media exposure.