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    Be a Part of PEN's Hands-on Challenge

    As part of our COVID-19 response, we developed bite-sized and fun ways of learning science at home. Since schools were closed and students were forced to stay at home, we figured out a way for learning to continue during the lockdown.

    We selected some STEM activities from our PEN manual and broke them down into small chunks of instructions in the form of fun images and text so that parents and their children can have fun while learning science at home.


    Most of the materials for these activities can easily be sourced from your home.


    You can count on that!


    The PEN Hands-on challenge was born out of the need to encourage students, parents and even teachers to learn science while at home.


    For the PEN Hands-on challenge, we want you to replicate two of these activities and make a 30-second video of yourself doing the last part of the activity. Share the video on your social media and tag us. This is can a fun way to spend this Christmas holiday!


    Instructions for sharing your video submissions:


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