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Teaching STEM Through Hands-on Activities and VR Experience

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We started this year looking forward to establishing strategic partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders and our first workshop in 2020 was conducted in collaboration with Nubian VR technologies. The workshop was taken to the Kwabenya community in the Ga east district of Accra, where teachers from Basic schools in the community were trained on how to conduct STEM activities in their classrooms - using readily-available materials that could be found in the home. The teachers were also introduced to the digital learning experience via Virtual Reality (VR) which Nubian VR is using to advance the delivery of education in West Africa.


Our goal at PEN is to ensure that STEM teachers in West Africa embody the pedagogical skills that will improve the learning outcomes of students and ultimately increase their participation in the STEM industry. In our workshops, we emphasize the relevance of hands-on learning and encourage the teachers to allow their students to use their hands, explore, engage their minds and have fun while at it.

We are always thrilled to witness the impact of our workshops as the teachers bring STEM to life through hands-on activities that engage their students, develop their strengths and improve their attitude towards STEM.

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