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PEN Master Trainer Selected as Keynote Speaker for International Workshop

Mrs. Selase Dorledzi, a Master Trainer at the Practical Education Network (PEN), served as keynote speaker for an international 4-day skill share workshop July 9-12 at the Teaching Hotel, Maastricht, Netherlands. During the workshop, organized by Making Clinical Sense (MCS), an European Research Council (ERC)-funded research project, participants shared their teaching techniques and skills with the other attendees so that each participant could return home with fresh and interesting activities for his or her classroom.


Attending the workshop as a keynote speaker, Mrs. Dorledzi made a pinhole camera by use of low-cost local resources to demonstrate one of PEN’s activities to the team. Following this, she guided the team in creating their individual pinhole cameras to confirm their understanding of her demonstration.

This is the first time that one of PEN’s trainers has been invited to an international program to share PEN practical activities, and PEN looks forward to more such opportunities in the future for PEN teachers and trainers.

Mrs. Dorledzi was part of the first batch of teachers trained by PEN to add practical lessons to

their teaching classes. She has since served as a Master Trainer where she helps in training other science teachers.

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