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PEN hosts Lucy Quist and other STEM advocates: Bold New Changes

Lucy Quist and other STEM advocates were hosted at Practical Education Network (PEN) to discuss aspects of her new book The Bold New Normal.

The meet up and book chat helped Ms. Quist to throw more light on the inspiration for the work and explore collectively on how societal values, business and leadership principles could promote all aspects of development especially through STEM.

The discussion was centred around reassessing our value systems, not just on traditions and customs but also how they translate into other areas.

She said young people should be convinced to take ownership of change. In a time where evolution is constant young people should be encouraged to be bold about the change they want and the change that is needed not just as a nation but in their various niches especially in STEM spaces.

The Bold New Normal highlights Lucy Quist’s experiences growing up in the United Kingdom and Ghana and pursuing her education and business leadership career in Ghana and other countries while challenging the old narrative of Africa and redefining its reality and promise.

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